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 sonic fanfics (not sure if im even gonna make more but whatever....)

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sonic fanfics (not sure if im even gonna make more but whatever....) Empty
PostSubject: sonic fanfics (not sure if im even gonna make more but whatever....)   sonic fanfics (not sure if im even gonna make more but whatever....) Icon_minitimeMon Sep 20, 2010 2:25 pm

Book 1:
The Dawn of Doom

CHAPTER 1 : Prisoners

hi, my names Jolt, a war has been going on lately but I’ve snuck away from my comrades to write this story that way if I die everyone will know my story…lets begin

the trees around were quiet and the air was filled with dread…there before me was one of black dooms warriors…a large knight in heavy armor with a small sleek sword…he spoke to me saying “Jolt! why are u in our territory?!”
I slowly replied “I-I…I’m looking for my friends…Stardust,
Light, and Sparky”
He looked at me curiously then replied saying “your friends? …mmmm?……ahh” he sighed slightly “the prisoners”
I looked at him shocked “what have u done with them?!” I said in a commanding voice.
He stared at me and studied me before he talked again “they are safe…for now” he said with pride in his voice
I looked at him curiously then decided it was time to fight! I drew my lightning sword and ran full force onto the enemy he drew his sword also and replied “hmph I wont be taken down by an apprentice new to the ways of the sword!” then he ran torwards me. my mind was racing, this was my first true fight the knight had his sword behind him ready to slice forwards but I parried his attack then countered with great precision to the knights unguarded stomach. he yelled in pain then said to me “this isn’t over child!”
he took his sword into an upward cut I screamed with surprise but quickly moved my sword to stop the blow…but my grip was slipping! the knight noticed and said “your losing your sword…I knew a child would be easy to defeat”
my mind raced again my story has just begun I’m not going down this easy! I put my hand on the flat of my blade and pushed forwards. yes! the knight is falling back! he screamed no-oo and he fell backwards. I am merciful but u have my friends and I cant risk it… then I shoved my sword through his chest…I realized what I had done…I muttered “ah…he’s gone now…maybe he will find the right path in his after life…weather it be in heaven, hell, or even stuck on earth as a fiend” in my world fiends are fierce ghosts that only kill…they have no hearts…after I was done standing over the knight I said quietly “I must press onward through the castle!
I ran through into the heart of the castle but heard knights so I sidled myself against a wall to listen. the first one said “the prisoners are down the hall”
the second one had a gruff commanding voice he said “good I shall take over my shift” and he walked away. something seemed different about him but I knew where my friends were so I ran off to find them
as I was running to the cells I saw them all packed in it I was so exited I yelled “HEY! MY FRIENDS!” only then I realized I said it out loud and alerted that gruff guard.
he screamed at me “intruder!” and he took out his sword. it was magnificent such a big sword yet he held it so easily but I ignored that.
I said “hmph another night picking a fight he wont win…should…have…guessed” then my lightning sword appeared in my hand.
the knight studied me “lightning sword…lightning bolt on your chest…you must be Jolt!” his eyes burned with hatred for me.
I made a witty comeback “and you must be…a retarded knight server under black doom!” as I looked at him I knew I had shown too much pleasure in my voice but I didn’t care I needed to hit his weak points.
then he yelled “you WILL regret that!”
once again I toyed with him saying “we gonna fight or are ya gonna get your ballerina dress and gimme a dance?”
he seemed enraged “why you little---”
I cut him off mid-sentence and said “I know you are but what am I? oh wait I know I’m an 8 year old about to kick your butt!” I sent an electric shock from my sword to paralyze him then I opened the door to save my friends.

they all cried out “JOLT YOU CAME FOR US!”

I replied “what, u thought I would abandon you?” they sensed amusement in my voice “lets go” I called to them as we ran out of the castle

as we were running we heard an alarm sound and we saw warriors running our way I quickly said “shoot we have to fight!” Stardust replied “I will fight but please keep me safe Jolt” she was partly hiding behind me. then my sister, Sparky, asked me “big bro what’s gonna happen?” then Light said “Sparky I can answer that…they are going to regret coming after us” then he smiled reassuringly. the knights were closer and we could hear their screams clearly now me and light said without thinking “BRING IT ON!” the girls both said “ok ill try” then we all clashed swords with the enemy when I noticed my opponent I said “y-you! I see temporarily paralyzing you didn’t work!” he said “my name is Flash the dark im one of the strongest knights I have many lives u took only one!” the girls quickly teamed up on their foe and he was on his knees within a few attacks. light cried out “all right lets go!” he was flying slightly above his enemies and fired golden arrows through them. I yelled out “agh! this guy is a pro! help me when your done fighting!” the knight yelled out “die!” I couldn’t stop his blows from coming!

my friends all said “we’ve got your back” just then Stardust spun in a circle causing her sword to kill many foes in one cut. Then Sparky quickly replied saying “kewl!” then she picked up a warrior with her blade and shocked him to death! Light was surrounded by warriors and he cried out for help so I quickly shocked all enemies around him in return he helped me fight Flash! though Flash said “rah! I can easily take two opponents! me and light replied “we’ll try!” just then I heard Stardust say “theres too many we have to run!” I sighed and said “your right…lets go!”

as we retreated we finally lost our enemies they gave up when Light flew us across a small stream when we were safe I said “I have a feeling this isn’t over…were in for the fight of our lives!” all my friends said “we shall fight for freedom!” I replied gratefully saying “good to hear guys”

Light said “the girls seem tired do they have to stay? I mean no offense to them” I replied “yes they may go” they were happy for that and said “thank you! we will join you later!” then they went back to out village

CHAPTER 2 : A Light to the way

“Jolt!….Jolt!….WAKE UP!” I woke up to see Light standing above me “oh hey your awake” he replied. “ugh Light what do u want?” I said. “haha u just needed to get up!” Light replied. While I stared up at him I thought of a question I needed to know so I said “hey light, how did you get captured anyways?” he started thinking then replied “ahh we were in the village staying up a bit late…then it was invaded we ran out to see what happened and…they grabbed us! Stupid doom warriors! But anyways… stardust surrounded a few knights in fire…but it only brought 3 down…ugh it was horible! They kept coming! Sparky shocked many foes and I finished them with my light arrows…but we couldn’t stop them one by one they kept invading! They caught a few houses on fire! We put out the flames of corse…or you would be dead” he smiled at me I only replied by a shake of my head which told him to continue so he did “sparky ran to get help but she didn’t come back we thought she was captured…and we were right it was only me and stardust! We stayed back to back fighting all enemies we saw come out way…” he stopped for a moment then started again “I’m ashamed to say it but I was captured next leaving stardust to fight by herself you must ask her if you would like to know what happened next but anyways…we were sent into that prison cell. at first they didn’t have a guard….bad idea for them! I sharpened an arrow on the bars and eventually cut it! We escaped through the small hole but were soon caught when sparky sneezed…ugh that girls too much trouble! But anyways they added a guard…so stardust burned him” he looked at me with an amused smile I smiled back then said “please, continue!” so he did “I noticed a crack in the ceiling so I broke it and got everyone out but…well sparky fell through a hole in the wall…I had to get her but we were caught…and when they noticed star wasn’t with us they went searching for her…that’s basically the whole story” he nodded to show he was finished so I asked a few more questions “why did u stay up that long?” he answered “it was a weekend what do u expect?” I answered “well…I was forced to go to bed and I’m a heavy sleeper so that’s why I didn’t wake up” light only laughed

It seemed his story was frightening seeing as he stopped many times during telling it…then I heard stardust yelling to me “hey guys! You still sitting here? Figured you would be on the way to the castle” she stopped beside us soon followed by sparky. I looked up at them then said “I was asking light how you got captured…what happened after he was captured?” I smiled teasingly at light then stardust spoke “okay well when he was captured I got surrounded so I spun myself in a circle swinging my sword as hard as I could. it took down many enemies but they kept coming! It was an endless wave they sensed me as a huge threat and were going to kill me…so I surrendered hoping I would live…they left me unharmed and took me to the castle. Is that a good enough story?” I answered her “yes thank you for sharing!” after we talked for a bit we all headed toward the town near the castle I thought maybe some people there would join us in taking down doom and his army…

CHAPTER 3 : A New Beginning

As we arrived in town we saw everyone was poor and starving. “I feel so sorry for them” said sparky keeping her head low. light said “this town…everyone is…everyone is dying and king doom doesn’t even care!” I looked at him and said “that’s why were bringing him down” one of the townspeople overheard me and came to me he said “so…takin out tah king huh? ‘ell ‘at might be a hard job tah do!” his language was hardly understandable. clearly he grew up as a slave and was never properly educated but his muscle would be good to have on our team…so I asked him “hey…you look strong…mind coming with us to fight doom?” he studied the group and said “all ri’ey then, looks like you could use room for improvement…names midnight” stardust was the first to reply she said “uhh nice to meet you midnight” the rest of us shared our greetings too and went off looking for more people to recruit.

Midnight led us to some of his friends that he said would join our group. He introduced us to Jet, Tia, Fang, Blade, and Angel! Everyone took a partner quickly…I walked up to blade and studied him closely then said “your with me” he looked at me studying me then replied “alright…what’s the mission?” I said quietly “were taking out doom ill explain later!”

Stardust looked at Tia carefully then said “hmm u look like a girl not afraid to get her hands dirty! Wanna come with me?” Tia answered quickly “aye a mind reader are ya? Or wazzat jus a good guess?” stardust looked at her and said “hmph guessed. And I think were gonna get along nicely!”

Sparky looked at them all but didn’t see anyone she wanted to pair with. Just then midnight walked behind her and said “wanna come with me missy?” she replied “sure I guess!”

Light and angel looked at each other without even speaking but they instantly knew they were partners

Jet and Fang looked at each other and Jet said “hmm guess were partners huh Fang old buddy?” Fang nodded silently

I came to the front of the team and spoke “its getting late and we have a team now! We should get some rest and plan our assault in the morning!” everyone nodded in agreement. Midnight led us to an old inn that would take all of us in for only a couple of dollars. Tonight, rest. Tomorrow, we invade!

CHAPTER 4 : The Tables Shall Turn

“aye! U all up an’ rea’ey?” midnight called out to us. Light grumbled and glared at midnight “its 6 A.M. we shouldn’t be awake yet! Nobody should be!” Jet looked at light surprised “what do you mean? our masters always wake us up this early” he said. Stardust looked at him then replied “hmph some masters they are! Normally we sleep till 8:30!” Blade looked at her trying to see if she was teasing but she wasn’t so he said “whoa! Your apparently not slaves!” Sparky said quietly “never have been never will be. We grew up being raised and taught properly.” I got up and looked at them all “its actually good we’ve woken up early! We have a better chance of catching doom by surprise! Ok, here’s the plan! Were gonna use our groups to invade at different points! Me and blade…were the strongest….no offense! But anyways me and blade are gonna head straight in! it’s a great distraction plus we can kick some bad guy butt!” jet nodded excitedly “alright well stardust and tia invade next! Their goin around the back there’s a low window there and they can sneak in back!” stardust and tia smiled at each other “midnight, sparky, you two are gonna take out any cannons along the outside! Without you guys we would go down quickly! Oh light, angel, you both can fly so head up to the top of the castle head into an entrance then….SMASH AND CRASH! Then jet and fang are gonna…well they can do whatever they want we have no more positions….guess they could join stardust and tia…or me and blade….but anyways that’s our plan!” I looked around at everyone and they all seemed satisfied.

“After we have caused some mayhem and taken out some forces…were gonna retreat cause were really not gonna win against a whole ARMY! Then were gonna gather more forces think about it were not exactly an army…but were large enough to start a war with what were doing…so were gonna head to another town when this is over we will have a better chance of survival there plus we can get more forces” I smiled at everyone and they all smiled back as in saying good plan.

We all headed for the castle in a few minutes doom was in for the surprise of his life!

CHAPTER 5 : When it all comes down

Next our story will be split into many parts according to invasion plans

Jolt, Blade, Fang, and Jet’s story: as we walked toward the castle we had already split into groups…Fang and Jet followed me and Blade. I talked to my team saying “alright we invade RIGHT through the front door of this castle! Lets go!” Blade summoned his sword and said “we fight for freedom!” we all summoned our weapons and chimed “we fight for freedom!” it had become the saying of the small army we had formed. As we ran I saw Light and Angel flying onto the top of the castle and waiting for us to make the distraction so we quickened our pace until we reached the drawbridge. “so ‘is is dooms castle eh? Seems more heavily guarded ‘an I figured but oh well we can make it!” exclaimed Blade. Jet was next to speak “hmm freedom warriors never give up!” I looked at him curiously “freedom warriors?” he said “’ell yea we need a group name!” Fang nodded his approval so I stuck with it . Then we ran across the drawbridge screaming to alert the knights and an army came after us so we fought valiantly

Stardust and Tia’s story: “’ey Star when you suppose we invade this place?” asked Tia. “mmm…I guess when we hear fighting we invade. Think so?” Tia nodded her approval. Stardust suddenly replied “ah! I hear swords clashing! that’s our cue!” and they busted through the back window! “oy so what now?” Tia asked impatiently. Stardust looked around then replied “set free some prisoners! I’m sure Jolt would love having them on our team!” Tia seemed to like the idea seeing as she summoned her thin blades and darted off towards the cells. “ugh she’s a handful alright” said stardust then she charged off holding her fire sword”
Sparky and Midnight’s story: “hey Mid’ how are we gonna get to the turrets?!” said Sparky realizing a flaw in the plan. “heh I know how to climb reeeeeeeally well just hold on tight” so sparky grabbed on a midnight started climbing the wall. “uhh what the?! PRISONERS CLIMBING THE WALL!” yelled one of the guards. “shoot we’ve been spotted! Sparky get up there and fight!” cried Midnight. “YES SIR!” said sparky and she jumped off of him onto the ledge and started paralyzing enemies with her thunder and lightning then Midnight made it up and finished them off. “nice work sunshine” called out midnight. Sparky blushed then said “ok lets take out the targets!” and she sliced one of the turrets

Light and Angel’s story: “okay so were the first ones here…agh I cant wait for Jolt to invade so we can attack!” Light protested impatiently. Then Angel spoke for the first time since they had met “be patient he will come soon.” Light looked at her “you haven’t talked till just now.” she looked at him and just shook her head. “oh what now your not gonna talk anymore?” said Light. She shook her head as in telling him no. Light said “ok well I hear sword lets go!” and they dashed away into the castle!

CHAPTER 6 : the dusk of the dawn

Back to our stories!

Jolt, Blade, Fang, and Jet’s story: “gah! There’s too many! And I’m really not one to complain!” exclaimed Jolt. “we…fight…for…freedom!” yelled Blade through gritted teeth as he was trying to hold of 3 opponents. Fang was shredding knights with his claws and biting anyone who got too close the only words he spoke were “freedom warriors don’t give in!” his voice was gruff and unused. Jet had a wind sword and was holding off 2 warriors. “THIS IS HOPELESS! I know freedom warriors never quit and I swear I am NOT quitting but still if one of us dies…I’m not gonna be surprised.” Jet looked at him scornfully “some leader you are!” Fang quickly took down all the knights around us and looked back to me, Jet, and Blade nodding to show we had won

Stardust and Tia’s story: “oy! Prisners! Your all free tah go! But any of you wanna join us in our fight against doom feel free tah come we could use reinforcements!” called Tia. Stardust quickly caught up and opened some of the cells and told the prisoners Tia’s message. “dranork is my name I would love to fight in the war against doom!” one of the prisoners explained to Stardust. “and you will be happily welcomed into the forces!” she said. “Dranork, Stardust! We gotta get outa here! I hear guards coming!” exclaimed Tia. And they ran out the castle to meet up with Jolt

Sparky and Midnight’s story: “perfect” Midnight called out “your good at taking out these cannons!” Sparky relied “hey I have an idea! I see a guard over there who doesn’t seem to like his job lets ask to see if he will come with us.” midnight looked at her curiously then said “fine. But paralyze him first!” so Sparky paralyzed the knight and asked him to join he replied “ok, ok. Your right I hate this job I will come with you doom has been a pain to me for too long” and they went off to blow up more cannons

Light and Angel’s story: “hmph come on! We’ve gotta cause some mayhem!” called Light as he kicked down a few tables. Angel nodded and she tore down anything she found. Light kicked down a door but unfortunately it led into an enemy meeting. They quickly engaged the enemies and took many down unfortunately an alarm sounded so they ran away, back to Jolt.

CHAPTER 7 : victory

After the fight we all met up at the drawbridge and headed home. Doom suffered heavy losses in the invasion today so our mission was accomplished! It was time to flee to a new village.

“haha yea! Did you see the look on that warriors face when fang bit the knight next to him and threw him into the other?!” exclaimed Jet unable to control his excitement. “heh-heh yea that was pretty awesome” I replied walking beside Jet. “thank you” said Fang quietly. Tia came walking up to us and she said “oy did you meet the new warriors we rounded up?” I looked back at Dranork and the ex-knight who’s name was apparently xil. “Yes I have met them” Jolt replied to her absentmindedly from still thinking of Fangs great achievement . Stardust came up to me and said “what’s wrong with you? Your normally very polite and would have paid more attention to Tia! The invasion got your mind in other places?” I looked at her then said “yes I have been thinking about the invasion I’m slightly worried Doom may come after our freedom warriors” she looked at me “oh…okay I get that but try to relax please.” I looked at her “alright…come on lets fall back and just talk together” she looked at him and blushed then said “o-okay but w-why?” I started walking slower and replied “I just want to talk okay? Fine by you?” she slowed also “yea that’s okay I suppose” so we started talking

Tia looked at Midnight and Sparky to see them very close together so she caught up to them to have some fun “’oy seems we ‘ave a new couple in this group wou’ent you say?” Sparky looked away trying to not let Tia see she was blushing. Midnight stammered “w-were jus frien’s nu’in more nu’in less.” Tia kept teasing “aww but you two are adorable together plus we need a couple around ‘ere wou’ent ya say?” Sparky looked at her and said “oh go pick on a real couple…like Light and Angel!” and she pushed Tia away. Tia was going to take Sparky’s advice but they arrived in their new town before she had the chance so they settled in an old inn to spend the night.

CHAPTER 8 : a call for help

“goooooood morning freedom warriors!” I woke up to see the former slaves were all up and midnight had apparently sounded a wake-up call. I looked drearily at him then slowly replied “uhh…good mornin’ mid. I see you actually waited till 8 to wake us this time” he stared at me and said “uhh yea as for me and my crew we were up 2 hours ago” I saw the rest of my friends get up and walk downstairs so I got up also. “well middy lets go round up some new members!” I said with newfound enthusiasm. “great idea! I’ve been in this town before and I had an’ ol’ friend maybe he will join us to fight doom!” he said cheerfully then he ran downstairs. As I looked around I noticed this town was very poor also. Its seems doom is a poor excuse for a king if he lets his people die meaninglessly!

“hey! Midnight! Where is that friend of yours you were talking about?” asked Stardust quickly catching up to him. “ehh? Jolt told ya ‘bout that did he? Well I’m not sure I remember rusty so well but he’s in this direction if memory serves me right.” midnight pointed to a brick house ahead of us. “oy! That ol’ bloke again?! Fella is rich compared to alla us!” replied Tia sounding irritated. I came to her and looked at her confusedly “so you don’t like this guy just because he’s richer than you? that’s a bit shallow wouldn’t ya think?” she only glared at me then walked ahead. “okay this is his house! Ready guys?” midnight looked at us all reassuringly. “ready!” we all called out. He knocked on the door and a lean kid with a sword came out. He seemed to be 2 years older than me. When he saw midnight he cried out “mid! Oy I didn’t think I’d see you again!” midnight replied “yea things like this happen ey rusty? But anyways rusty last time we met you had just got a sword now we need your help! Me and my crew are fighting doom to take him and his forces down!” rusty looked at him curiously then said “alrighty! Sounds fun!” he ran out holding his sword “where to?” he looked at me sensing I was the leader. I spoke to him saying “were going to find more forces but for now we need a place to stay wouldn’t you say? Know anywhere we could stay for free?” he looked at me for a while then said “okay you all can stay at my dads shop! He’s got plenty of room!” we all went to his dads shop and looked around. “ehh good enough its free so fine by me!” midnight was looking around the room. We set off searching for more people to recruit.

CHAPTER 9 : an unexpected fall

“Rusty I heard some noise out back it sounded like enemy warriors….wake up! Wake up!” I was shaking rusty trying to wake him. “eh? Wha? O-oh! Enemy warriors! Blast I knew they would come after us! Get ready for a fight everyone! They don’t send weak’uns for killing missions!”

Soon everyone was awake and looking around for the warriors. I was the first to see one “gah! Flash the Dark is here! Rusty you were completely right! They DON’T send weaklings!” Rusty caught sight of flash and ran forwards sword behind him his fury like fire “TERIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! You took my mother’s life now I shall take YOURS!” he clashed sword with Flash and knocked him into a stumbling position. “grah! So I see you got your fathers sword! Oh well nothing for ME to be worried about.”

I ran up beside Rusty and engaged our enemy “Flash your outnumbered leave us or die!” he glared at me and swung his sword it knocked me down and I was fading in and out of consciousness. I was heavily bleeding from a puncture in my side “freedom warriors…don’t…surren…der” I managed to say those few words before I was knocked out last I heard was Light screaming “JOLT! JOLT! NO!”

“Jolt? Jolt! Please wake up!” I woke up to see Stardust carrying me back to the shop we stayed in. “oh thank God your awake! Can you walk? That cut in your side is deep” she was talking very softly so I figured she was hurt. I looked up and said “I-I cant move the cut is too deep we need a medic in this group” Rusty looked up at me and he looked as if he had a great idea “medic! I just remembered about my friend his name actually IS medic and he IS a medic!” I looked at him curiously “perfect! Please go get him!” I saw Rusty running off to find his friend.

“so what happened after I passed out?” we were all back home and I was curious to find out if we won. “yea bout that” Light started slowly then quickened his voice to normal “we took one of Flash’s lives so he ran away but…we almost lost midnight…I thought we had lost you too” I couldn’t believe midnight dying after only a few days in our army especially since he got us so many more allies. “so…is mid ok now? Is he awake?” I asked light. He stared at something behind us I guessed it was midnight “yea he is awake…actually JUST woke up” I was thankful he was ok but he was still in poor shape. He didn’t look like he would heal for months

CHAPTER 10 : when none is left

Our story looked to be over with so many of our ranks hurt. Nobody could fight for months and we became lazy sitting in our warm beds all day. None of Dooms warriors attacked and we figured he had learned his lesson. I knew something wasn’t right though he couldn’t be done for good if I knew doom he wanted us to get relaxed and not think he would attack again…that’s where I was completely right. It has been 2 years since that day…in fact 2 years exactly. that’s why I decided to write my story on this day. Once again…my name is Jolt and I….am a freedom warrior! WE FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM!

…of book 1
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sonic fanfics (not sure if im even gonna make more but whatever....) Empty
PostSubject: Re: sonic fanfics (not sure if im even gonna make more but whatever....)   sonic fanfics (not sure if im even gonna make more but whatever....) Icon_minitimeMon Sep 20, 2010 7:13 pm

Sorry... I dont got time to read this but after skimming it, it looks well written even though its about furries. =/

sonic fanfics (not sure if im even gonna make more but whatever....) 2djq9gz
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sonic fanfics (not sure if im even gonna make more but whatever....)
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