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 The Warriors Series

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The Story of Polarclan
Chapter 1: The Attack

“Ice! Over Here!!”
The air around smelled of blood and it was so dark little Ice could hardly see. “Mom! Where are you?! I can’t see anywhere!” She stumbled towards where she heard her mother. “Mom? What’s happening?”
Her mother looked down at her, her pure white fur stained with blood. “Dear little Ice… your father accidentally angered a group of cats by hunting in their territory, they came and attacked us.”
“W-why would they do that?! Daddy wasn’t doing any harm was he?” Ice’s light blue eyes were welling with tears as she understood her family was in danger.
“Some cats are protective of their territory, do not cry dear Ice it will be okay.” Though her mother sounded convinced she could see doubt in her eyes.
“Mom… where’s dad?” She dreaded what she thought the answer would be--
“….Your father was killed”
--and she heard exactly what she dreaded. “Dad! How could those cats do that?!” Ice had never known loss before now, and her father was the last thing she needed to lose. At only five moons old Ice needed her father to guide her.
Her mother looked down at her and laid down. “Ice, we cannot change what has happened. Be strong little Ice and everything will be okay.”
How can she be so sure? Is she lying? What will happen now? All these questions were rushing through her head. “What can we do now?”
“Dear Ice, you need to move somewhere more safe away from these cats.” There was hesitation in her mothers voice--something was wrong.
“I have to move? don’t you mean we?”
Her mother looked away for a moment, then looked back at her. “I was hurt in the attack, I’m in no condition to travel, you must go on your own.”
She backed up a few steps and looked at her mom, hoping she was only trying to spook her, but her mother looked serious. “I.. how could I.. I can’t leave you!”
Her mother looked down at her, her eyes slowly glazing. “You have your brother and sister, take them with you and go, find a way to survive with them” She was gasping for breath now, and then she stopped, her mother was dead.
“Mom… I’ll do as you say I suppose… now to find Honey and Runner!” Ice ran off to find her brother and sister, calling their names repeatedly, she had found new courage.

Chapter 2: Where can we go?

“Honey! Runner! Guys come here!” Ice saw her brother and sister and started running to them.
Honey looked up at her sister. “Ice! What in the world happened here?! Where are mom and dad and why do I smell blood?!”
She looked at Honey, trying to keep her voice calm, her courage failing her a bit. “Rogues attacked us, dad is dead and mom passed a few moments ago, mom told me to find you guys and run somewhere safe, she said just promise her we can survive”
Runner looked at his sister wondering if she was crazy. “Mother and father are dead? Are you crazy? You… you aren’t kidding… I can see it in your eyes.. Well what are we supposed to do? Were not quite six moons yet! How can we possibly survive?!”
“RUNNER! Calm down sheesh! We can make it if mom believed in us, and if we believe in ourselves! Now where to go is the only problem I can think of, any ideas guys?” Ice could tell she was going to have to step up and be leader of their group or it wouldn’t work.
“I heard that dad used to live up north in a very fertile ground full of berries and mice and shelter! We’d be set for a while if we found it! Only problem is he said it was sort of cold..” Honey was looking proud that she had remembered a way for them to survive.
“Okay this could work! Now.. Uh.. Which way is north?” She looked around, confused of the surroundings she was in.
“I-I think I know.. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, so we have two choices after that, and do you guys see the big group of trees over there? Dad once told me that way is north” Runner was shuffling his paws hoping he had said it correctly.
“Okay! Great lead Runner! But uh exactly why did you tell us about east and west?”
“Well there are trees in both those directions, so I had to make sure you wouldn’t be confused” Ice could tell Runner didn’t like to have the spotlight so she decided to just go with his lead.
“Thanks Runner, alright guys lets start heading north I suppose!” Ice set off with her siblings right behind her, her courage was returning again and she knew they would survive.

Chapter 3: Why do we have to be slowed down now?

A few sunrises had passed by the time the young trio set off, on the fifth day of the trip they hit trouble--
“How far away is this place?! Cant we stop here? It seems fertile with prey!” Runner hooked a mouse on his claw and showed it to them. “See? It practically came into my paws!”
“Now, Now, Runner, be patient, we’ll get there eventually and until then stop complaining will you?” Ice had been hearing him complain since day one, but there was no way to stop him, why even bother?
Honey stopped immediately and was tasting the air.
“Honey what’s wrong? Something spook you?” Ice looked over at her, curious of what she was doing.
“I smell badger…”
“BADGER?! Oh! No! We’re never going to make it if we run into a badger we’re all doomed!” Runner was pacing back and forth in frustration.
“Runner… shush please! We’re going to be fine okay? We know how to fight, plus we probably wont even run into it!” Ice wasn’t sure she was being all truthful but she had to calm him down.
“Y-Your right I guess… okay so uh… keep moving?” He seemed calmed down a bit, so Ice could relax, she’d done her job after all.
“Guys… the smell is right next to us..” Honey looked around trying to find the source of the scent, she knew it was close and she knew how dangerous badgers could be.
“No! Ice you’ve jinxed us look now it’s coming and we’re going to die!” Runner was panicking again, seems Ice’s job wasn’t done so well.
“H-Hey! I didn’t PROMISE we’d be safe! And we can still fight!”
“Yes listen to your sister Runner! She has sense unlike you!” Honey seemed to want Runner to calm down also.
“As if we can beat a badger! We can maybe stall it but eventually we’re done for!” Runner always seemed to have a way to be down on things.
Then they heard a growl, they looked around to see the badger almost on them.
“Oh great… fight time guys!” Honey ran at the badger and slid out her claws.
“My first fight… alright lets see what I’ve got!” Ice ran after Honey, sliding out her claws also”
“Mother, Father, watch after us if your still… around…” Runner slowly followed his sisters.
The fight was on.

Chapter 4: The word impossible has been redefined

The fight was started and there was no turning back now!
“alright let’s see what we can do guys!” Ice ran towards the badger and slashed at its nose.
The badger reared back and batted at her, slightly contacting her side and making a small cut.
“YOW! that’s it! You’re gonna get it now!” She leaped over the badger and clung onto its back, slashing and biting it.
Honey ran over to help in the fight, she slashed the back of the badgers head.
It reared back and rolled onto its back, almost crushing Ice.
“HEY!! You could have killed me!”
“Sorry sis!” She jumped onto its stomach and clawed it furiously, but the badger hit her into a tree, knocking her out.
Runner ran over to his sister and looked at her a moment. “HONEY! Wake up! Come on don’t leave us wake up!”
“Runner! Come help with the fight! She’s going to be fine okay!?” Ice rammed into the badgers side and it got its breath knocked away.
“I-I don’t know… okay I guess I can help! Just wait up!” Runner charged into the fight, jumping up onto its back and slashing its neck.
The badger rolled over and Runner fell off.
“Come on! Get up and fight!” Ice slid under the badger, clawing its stomach a few times, but it collapsed onto her. “H-Help! Runner!”
Runner looked up to see his sister. “Ice!” He ran at the badger slashing across its face and leaving a deep gash, The badger reared up and Ice ran away from it while Runner was left to fight.
“Runner! Try…try to hold off the badger for a while! I need to catch my breath it almost smothered me!” Ice leaped into a tree to rest in a safe place.
The trees! That’s it I know how to win! “Ice you’re a genius!”
“Uh… thanks?” She looked down to see her brother climbing another tree. “What are you doing?!”
“Well, I just had an idea, watch!” He jumped down from the tree onto the badger and slashed its face, then jumped back into the tree, he looked down smiling as he saw the badger getting confused. He jumped from limb to limb and broke free lots of leaves that fell down around his enemy, then he jumped down and started slashing the badger again, dodging behind it and slashing its back.
“Runner you’re a genius!” Ice jumped down onto the badger and slashed it, she continued jumping up into the trees and repeating the process.
“Okay Ice! Come here for a moment!” Runner had a mischievous glint in his eyes.
“What is it bro?” She leaped over to him and steadied herself on the branch.
“Okay we need a new idea the badger is catching on now! Now, my idea is…” He began whispering the plan to her.
“Runner, I don’t know where you got your smarts all of a sudden but I’m glad you did! Ready? Three! Two! One! Go!” She jumped down with Runner, they ran in a circle around the badger and it tried to follow them with its gaze, but it got confused, then Ice slashed its muzzle as Runner slashed its side at that same time. Ice jumped up onto its back and slashed, as Runner ran quickly under it and slashed its legs to trip it, he then jumped onto its back and slashed it with Ice.
“Hey bro, think its had enough?” Ice was smiling smugly at her brother.
“Yeah lets let him up and see what he does!” They both jumped off of the badger and stepped back hissing.
The badger staggered back a few steps, then growled at them and ran away, limping as it tried to find shelter.
“Heh.. Ha-ha! We did it! We brought down a badger! And I hardly have a scratch on me!” Runner stood up tall and puffed out his chest, then he went limp as he realized Ice and Honey were still bleeding. “We gotta get you guys some help… lets see, dad said cobwebs stop bleeding, and marigold is for infection” He ran off to go get what he needed, as Ice walked over to check up on honey.
“Honey, wake up, the fight’s over!” She prodded her sister and she slowly got up.
“Ugh what... Uh… is the fight over? Did we win? And where’s Runner?” She looked around for her brother
“Runner was brilliant! He came up with two great strategies to defeat the badger! I only went along with his ideas.. Hey you should have saw it! He doesn’t even have a bad scratch on him! He’s gone to get.. Uh.. Cobwebs and marigold for stopping the bleeding and.. I think infection” She looked over her shoulder to see her brother coming back.
“Alright, I’m going to treat Honey first, then you okay Ice?”
“Okay! Yeah I suppose she needs it more!”
He started helping his sisters and they set off again, Runner was now confident instead of cowardly as he was before and everyone had a new light for finding their new home.

Chapter 5: Our home!

Another week passed and the trio had finally found their new home, lets see how it worked out.
“Hey! Ice! Runner! This looks like the place dad described! It’s a bit chilly, there’s a small river over there, a wide open area up there, and trees all around!” Honey was looking around and pointing out the surroundings around her.
“Honey! We’ve found our new home! What do you say we explore a bit? I want to see what this place has to offer!” Ice ran to the big open space in the center of the territory, she knew this would be a good home.
Runner followed Ice and looked around the territory. “Wow Honey! You sure found us a good place to live! I can smell prey around here, there’s lots of shelter, a place to wash off, and a good place for dens!”
Honey looked at him. “Dens? Where?” She saw him pointing to a cave with his tail. “Hey I guess your right! If we gather some moss then that would be a quite all right nest! But first things first I’m hungry! Uh.. Ice, you go hunt for food, Runner, you scout out the territory, pick up any prey if you see it though! And I’ll gather some moss for the nest!”
Ice nodded her head and ran off towards the scent of mouse. “Alright Honey you’ve seemed to take leadership now! Keep up the good ideas!”
“Okay Honey, I’ll tell you everything I find!” Runner padded off in the opposite direction of Ice.
“Well, its up to me to find some moss, off we go then!” She headed in the direction of the river, expecting to find some there.
After a little bit of traveling she reached the river. “Well then, to find some moss.. She saw a clump in the shade of a tree and snatched a pawful of it, she then went to get more, after she had found a satisfying bit she headed back to camp and spread it out on the ground in the cave.
Now we move onto Runner’s small quest. “So I have to scout things out right? Okay easy enough for me!” He padded past an area smelling rich of prey. “Aha! Now we know where we can find some food when needed! I’ll call this Mouse Hollow.” He kept walking on wards until he saw a really tall oak tree. “Wow! I cant even see the top! Oh look a cloud is going through it! I’ll call this the Cloud Oak!” As he continues walking he named off a few more small landmarks until he came to a very small cave and decided to go inside. “Yuck! This place has cobwebs all over it! Well.. At least I know where I can go when someone is hurt! Now lets see, is there any other value here?” He saw a small pool of water in the middle. “Whoa.. It’s pretty! It looks like there are stars in it! Lets see.. I can call this the Moon Cave! Because the pool is round like the moon, and there are stars around the moon, and it seems like there are stars in here too! I think I’ve had a good find so far! Now to head back to camp and see how Honey is doing!” He padded back to the camp and started explaining all he had found to his sister.
Now we move onto Ice to see how her hunting trip has gone.
“Catch some prey right? Easy enough I’ve hunted for more than myself before! I’m six moons now so I should be old enough to catch a few mice!” She looked around to try and scent the mouse she was after. “Aha I found it!” She slowly crept up on the mouse and slashed its neck, she then buried it to keep it safe from predators while she hunted. She caught another mouse, and a sparrow before returning back to camp and laying the prey on a large flat rock. “Hey this is a good place to put our food, the Fresh Kill Pile. Hey guys! I’m back with some prey!”
The trio ate the prey and talked about what all they had seen, their new home was established and they were safe from the other cats.

Chapter 6: Alone again…

Six moons had passed and everything had been fine in the camp, until now.
“This place is nice and all but I’m homesick! I’m going back where I belong!” Honey had been seeming different lately, but now it was showing why, she wanted to go home.
“I’m with Honey! We’ve been safe here but we belong at home! I’m gone! Good luck on your own Ice!” Runner started padding away and Honey followed him.
“Guys! You… cant leave! You guys cant leave this place! Mother wanted us to stay here and that’s what I’m going to do!” Ice looked at her brother and sister as they left, she wanted them to stay with her but she wasn’t going with them.
“Mother told us to survive, she never told us to come here, we’ll be safe anyways, so why not go home?” Runner had paused only to say that, then he and Honey ran away from Ice.
“On my own now eh? Heh who needs them! I can handle myself! JUST WATCH ME GUYS YOU’LL BE SORRY YOU LEFT!” She looked around at the now empty camp. “Great… this is going to be boring, nobody with me or anything… whatever I’m all good! Ah who am I kidding? This place will be miserable with just me! ..Hey wait a second… once dad said something about a big group of cats called a clan, and they lived by a code, they stayed together and helped each other out.. I wonder.. Could I start a clan? Um.. Polarclan! Now I just have to… oh wait! I remember! Dad said all leaders had star in their name and they have nine lives, as long as the believe in… Starclan… they have to go somewhere spiritual to get their name and lives… but where would I go? Aha! The Moon Cave! Now let’s see… it was this way!” Ice ran off to the Moon Cave and laid down by the water wondering what to do. “Maybe I drink the water?” She lapped up a bit of the water and closed her eyes, immediately she found herself in a strange place and she looked around wondering what happened. “H-Hello? Starclan? I am Ice and I wish to start a clan named Polarclan, I need to receive my name and lives, can you help me maybe?” She saw cats of stars appearing all around her.
One of them stepped forward and spoke, it was her mother. “Dear Ice, I knew you could make it by yourselves, though your brother and sister have left you, you still stay strong, I give you your first life, a life for trust, as I trusted you to keep yourself safe.” She touched her muzzle to Ice’s, and immediately ice felt relaxed by her mothers touch.
“Don’t go mom…” But she was already walking away, with her father walking forwards. “Dad!”
“Ice, I give you your second life, use this life for protection, as I did everything in my power to protect you.” As he touched his muzzle to hers she felt a searing pain, and she realized it was what her father felt when he was dying.
A third cat stepped forward but she didn’t recognize him. “I am Firestar, I was once a leader of Thunderclan, when I realized a new clan was being born I came to give you a life, use this life for nobleness, even when others think your ways are wrong always be fair.” He touched his muzzle to hers and she was numbed, no pain nor soothing feeling.
“Thank you Firestar..”
As he turned away another cat came to her. “I am Blackstar, a past leader of Shadowclan, I come for the same reason as Firestar, we welcome Polarclan. With this life I give you determination.” With this life she felt a fierce burning in her heart, telling her never give up trying to set wrongs right.
“Blackstar, thank you.”
Another tom came up. “I am Onestar, once a leader of Windclan, I give you a life for independence, help is nice but do not let others think you are weak.” With this life she felt pain, as if she was losing a close friend, she had felt it once today from her brother and sister leaving her.
“Thank you Onestar.”
A she-cat came this time. “I am Leopardstar, a past leader of Riverclan, with my life I shall give you certainty to know what is right, and not make the mistakes I did.” With this life she felt a small sting, as if being pelted with insults.
“This is going to be helpful, thank you Leopardstar!”
Another she-cat came to her. “I am Leafstar, a past leader of Skyclan, with my life I give you love, do not rely on others to tell you who you should love” with this life she felt warmth.
“Thank you Leafstar…”
Once again a she-cat came to her. “I am Spottedleaf, a past medicine cat of Thunderclan, with this life I give you understanding, use it to know the warrior code and follow it with your life.” With this life she felt extreme pain, mixed in with a feeling of love.
“The warrior code kept you from someone you loved… thank you Spottedleaf.”
With her last life came another she-cat. “I am Sandstorm, a past member of Thunderclan, with my life I give you patience, wait for the right moment before you make your move.” With this she felt pain, but it quickly died away into warmth. “With your nine lives you are now Icestar of Polarclan! May your new clan thrive!”
All around her she could hear cheering. “Icestar! Icestar!”
“Thank you Sandstorm, thank you everyone!” The images started fading and she woke up by the small pool. “Ugh.. Wow! I’m Icestar now!” She got up and padded back to camp, Feeling confident that she could make a strong new clan.

Chapter 7: A new day

Icestar looked around at the territory. “Okay, so I need to at least get a deputy and a medicine cat, and of course more cats too!” She set off to go find new members of the clan. After not long she found a loner hunting and decided to watch for a moment, the she-cat jumped into a tree and jumped up the branches, she paused for a moment then jumped up the last branch and caught a robin, she then jumped down and saw Icestar.
“Oh hi there! Do you want to share this with me? There’s enough to go around!” She waved her tail and Icestar padded over to her.
“Nice catch! I’m not hungry though, you can have it. Anyways my name’s Icestar, I’m from Polarclan, its only just started but once we get it going its going to be lots of cats hunting and living together, you’re a good hunter would you think of joining the clan with me?”
“Um.. That sounds pretty good if you ask me! Sure I’ll join you! By the way, my names Dapple, nice to meet you Icestar!” She ate the robin, then got up and looked at Icestar. “Okay, lead me to the clan!”
“Okay follow me!” Icestar padded back to the camp with Dapple and showed her around.
“Wow cool little place here! Am I the first person to join? Well besides you of course!”
“Yes you are the first… or.. Second member of Polarclan! So you’re quite sure you want to join correct?”
“Yes I’m sure, I like the idea of living with other cats, and helping each other survive.”
“Okay, so Dapple how old are you?”
“Six moons.”
“Okay, do you promise to protect your clan at the risk of your life?”
“I….Yes, I do.”
“Then by the name of Starclan you will now be known as Dapplepaw, may you serve your clan well.”
“Thank you Icestar.” Dapplepaw looked around the camp. “Icestar, I know of a cat who knows about herbs, do you think that he could join?”
Icestar looked up at her hopefully. “A medicine cat is just what we need! Lead the way to your friend Dapplepaw!”

Chapter 8: The dawn of my clan

“Okay Icestar! He’s right over here!” Dapplepaw led the way to her friend and together they explained the ways of the new clan.
“I’d love to be your medicine cat! By the way, my names Jolt!” Jolt was bouncing up and down in excitement of being around lots of cats.
“Jolt, I have one warning to you! A medicine cat must stay focused on his duties! So because of that you may not have kits, you may not have a mate, and you must do your best to not be attracted to anyone. It will be difficult but the medicine cat has one of the most important jobs in the clan and no clan would survive without them.” Icestar was half wishing she hadn’t mentioned it yet, it may lower his chances of joining the clan, but Jolt didn’t seem to mind it that much.
“It’s okay I’ve never even thought about getting a mate, so yeah it shouldn’t be very hard!” Luckily Jolt didn’t seem to mind having no love.
Icestar led Jolt back to the clan site with Dapplepaw. “Jolt, you have chosen to be a medicine cat of Polarclan, to stand apart from clan rivalries and to watch over us all at the cost of your own life, is this correct?” This was Icestars second time doing a warrior ceremony, but it was different with a medicine cat.
“Yes that is all correct!” Jolt was excited as always to join the clan, Icestar wondered if that would change sometime.
“Then by the power of Starclan I name you Joltstorm!” Icestar dipped her head to Joltstorm and he licked her shoulder.
Icestar and Dapplepaw started cheering for Joltstorm as is customary in a naming ritual. “Joltstorm! Joltstorm!”
“What’s all this noise?! What in the world is going on here?!” A loner padded into the camp staring at the three cats. “I was taking a nap and you woke me up!”
“Oh… I’m sorry, my names Icestar, leader of Polarclan! This is Dapplepaw and Joltstorm!” Icestar stepped forward looking at the loner.
“Well then! Those are odd names! But my name’s Leaf! Nice to meet you guys.” She dipped her head.
“Leaf, I would like to know if you’d consider joining Polarclan?”
“..Okay, fine I suppose, I have no other place to stay..” She looked at Icestar as she was leaping up onto a large rock. “What are you..?”
“Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath the high rock for a clan meeting!”
The three members walked to the “high rock” and looked up at Icestar.
“This is the dawn of our clan, we have a leader, a medicine cat--” She could see Joltstorm blush a bit from being recognized. “--and now I would like to ask Leaf to be my deputy, Leaf would you please step forwards?”
Leaf looked up at her a bit shocked but she stepped up beside her leader.
“Leaf do you promise to maintain order of the clan and protect it at the cost of your life?”
“Then by the power of Starclan I name you Leafclaw, deputy of Polarclan!”
“Leafclaw! Leafclaw!”
This is the beginning of Polarclan, the cats steadily grew in number, but at this point the main points were established, and this has been--

The Story of Polarclan
…The End…

Storyline: Colin Tate
Writer: Colin Tate
Special thanks to: Tori, Lynsi, and Celeste, us four were the founders of Polarclan and now it strives strong!

Next story is the story of Icestar, designed by Tori and narrated by Me!!
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Awesome story.
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The Warriors Series
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