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 Pokemon Best Wishes news!

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Pokemon Best Wishes news! Empty
PostPokemon Best Wishes news!

Hello All. I've found out some news about Best Wishes.

- Brock and Dawn will be leaving and new people are Dento and Iris.
- Moves have slightly changed. Visuals are much better.
- New Rival is called Shooti. He will have Tsutaja
- Ash will likely have Mijumaru.
- Ash is also seen catching the new Pidgeon Pokemon (Forgot name)
- Gible could be coming along to join ash in Isshu
- Dento might be a Grass type gym leader
- Iris has a Kibago
- Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny have different looks.
- Ash will look similar to his old looks
- The Series will be much quicker then the old one.
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Pokemon Best Wishes news! :: Comments

Dont post anything about the show. Its gay and all the characters are faggots.
-Brock is dead to me. his new voice is beyond gay. dawn deserves to leave.
-yea well w/e
-I dont want a rival if his name is not gary.
-bring back the season one party.
-he doesnt need a new pidgeon, just bring pidgeotto back
-Brock was the rock gym leader. thats all there is.
-Misty had psyduck.
-Their original looks were fine. don't fix wut isnt broken.
-if its not the original its just not right.
-yea well w/e
Pokemon Z RPG
Re: Pokemon Best Wishes news!
Post on Mon Aug 30, 2010 9:15 pm  Pokemon Z RPG
Kouzetsu wrote:
Dont post anything about the show. Its gay and all the characters are faggots.

You're a good friend of mine Kouzetsu, but please don't post things like this without any reasons as to why it is gay.

The original seasons were by far the best, this has been said thousands of times already. But people need to understand that when you don't compare it to its origins, while I don't watch the show currently, the D/P anime is actually a good show. The biggest mistake they made was getting rid of Misty and changing the voices imo.

So you really can't just say that it is gay with no good reasons to support it. I personally look forward in seeing what the new seasons brings to the table.
Here is a reason why the new seasons of pokemon are gay.

1. The mouths don't move when the words come out on time.

2. The voice acting is terrible and sounds like crap, plus they all talk in a monotone voice.

In my opinion my reasoning is good.
Re: Pokemon Best Wishes news!
Post on Wed Sep 01, 2010 12:13 pm  Guest
Ah Cmon. Its not that bad. Your just exaggerating
Re: Pokemon Best Wishes news!
Post on Sat Sep 04, 2010 6:45 am  MariovSonic
Meh, the Pokemon show hasn't interested me since midway through the "Gotta Catch 'em All!" series. Although it is interesting to see both of Ash's partners replaced.
Re: Pokemon Best Wishes news!
Post on Sat Sep 04, 2010 7:28 am  Guest
I've enjoyed all of the episodes. DP went down a bit but I reckon the BW Saga will be good!
Re: Pokemon Best Wishes news!
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Pokemon Best Wishes news!

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