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 The Forum Rules

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PostSubject: The Forum Rules   Thu May 20, 2010 8:33 pm

You are to abide by these forum rules, and to the addition to these rules, abide by the default rules of forumotion.com. The main objective of the forum is to deliver an enjoyable pokemon experience with the user. Also, this includes any types of gameplay. This forum also welcomes any type of gaming news, and as well as some selected games to discuss and gather upon. Racism is never tolerated, and using racist remarks will get you banned ASAP. Flaming and spamming are not acceptable either. Advertising should not be found in a user's signature or forum posts, unless the topic has something to do witha advertising, which it most likely won't. Advertising is allowed on profile data, for instance in the "website" field. Also, any type of inappropriate content, such as sexually explicit, or violently explicit will not be allowed. Comedy is allowed, but don't let it go to far. Advertising through PM'ing is allowed, as long as the reciever doesn't think its spam. If the reciever takes it as spam, he can report if he wants to, and the advertiser will be banned for a fixed number of days. So, advertise through PM at your own risk. Any type of hacking discussed in the forum is allowed, as long as it isn't uber-illegal. Also, hacking other forumotion websites or other famous websites will not be up for discussion. Forumotionnot Pokemon X5K are responsible for the trouble you could get into for the discussed topics you join here. Especially if it involves console hacking. Do not coe crying to forumotion or X5K when your Wii bricks because you did something wrong. However, if someone tells you a lie, then that's a whole different story. Also, don't use oversized avatars, or post huge pictures. The user who does so will be banned. One more thing, don't overuse smilies in each post, especially if they are animated. Thank you, Good luck, battle, trade, discuss and have fun on the forums!

All posts made before July 13th were made by Dimentio, not myself. All posts by "Guest" were also made by me.

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The Forum Rules
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