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"The iPod touch outsells Nintendo and Sony's portable game players combined," Jobs boasted.

DS- 130million
PSP- 60million
iPod Touch- 32million

Combine Touch/iPhone/iPad- 120million

Combine DS and PSP sales- 190million

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Serebii has found photos of the Evo's of Pokabu, Mijumaru and Tsutaja.

Just remember. These are not confirmed yet.
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Hello All. I've found out some news about Best Wishes.

- Brock and Dawn will be leaving and new people are Dento and Iris.
- Moves have slightly changed. Visuals are much better.
- New Rival is called Shooti. He will have Tsutaja
- Ash will likely have Mijumaru.
- Ash is also seen catching the new Pidgeon Pokemon (Forgot name)
- Gible could be coming along to join ash in Isshu
- Dento might be a Grass type gym leader
- Iris has a Kibago
- Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny have different looks.
- Ash will look similar to his old looks
- The...
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